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Jennifer Vitarelli

Jennifer Vitarelli

Jennifer "Vit" Vitarelli is in her fourth year on the softball team at Salem. She currently plays shortstop for the Spirits, and has seen time at catcher and third-base during her career. She is batting .353 with a .416 on base percentage this season.

1) Where are you from? Greensboro, NC

2) Who is your favorite Athlete? My favorite athlete is Lebron James because he works hard to be the best and his intensity makes the whole team work harder!

3) What is your favorite pump up song? Right now, my favorite pump up song is my walk-up song, "Come on Feel the Noise," by Quiet Riot.

4) What is your favorite Salem memory? My favorite memory is from Fall Fest my sophomore year when our class won first place for our skit!

5) What made you decide to come to Salem? I chose Salem because I had the opportunity to play softball, have close student-teacher relationships, and the campus is beautiful!

6) What is your major? Economics and Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. 

7) What was your dream job as a kid? I changed my mind a lot. First I thought I wanted to be a vet, then a lawyer, and now I'm still not entirely sure what I want to do :)

8) What is the biggest challenge of being a college athlete? The biggest challenge of being a college athlete is time management. You learn quickly that you need to schedule your day around practices, so I try to stay ahead on my work as best as I can!