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Christine Tillman Lee

Christine Tillman Lee

Lee is currently in the Salem volleyball record books several times. She is 10th in sets played, 3rd in most kills, 1st in hitting average, 10th in service aces, 2nd in most blocks, and 2nd in best attack percentage for a season.

  1. What sport did you play? I played volleyball for Salem.

  2. Where are you from? I am from King, NC. 

  3. What is your favorite Salem Athletic memory? My favorite Salem Athletic memory was honestly the entire season of my junior year. We had an amazing team and we all worked so well together. There are so many great games that I remember being a part of that year.

  4. Where are you now? I now live in Fayetteville, NC.

  5. What is your current occupation/day to day look like? I am currently the head of merchandising for Academy Sports and Outdoors here in Fayetteville, as I am working on a degree in Physical Therapy. 

  6. What was your major? My major at Salem was Elementary Education.

  7. What made you decide to go to Salem? I was originally contacted by Amanda Ziemba to come to Salem to play volleyball. I had always known about Salem, having grown up not far from there, but I had never really looked into it. The more research I did, the more I fell in love with the traditions, community and the gorgeous campus, of course. I knew right away that it was where I wanted to be. 

  8. Who was your favorite professor at Salem? It is tough to say what one professor was my favorite. There were several that had a positive impact on my life. I could write so much about my favorite memories in each of my professor’s classes but I will try to keep it short. George was definitely on the list. I had never really enjoyed science until taking his class. I loved that he made everything make sense and each class was a conversation. I also really loved taking English with “Dr. O” (Dr. Oczkowicz).  She really pushed us to think outside the box and to be creative. I was usually the quiet type in most of my other classes but always felt comfortable speaking out and joining the conversation in her class. Professor McQueeny was an amazing Sociology professor. She taught my first class on my first day of college. Professor McQueeny was incredibly personable and made an effort to connect with students in order to meet them where they were. This was something I always appreciated. There are still several professors that made an impact on my time at Salem. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing community.